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Self Employed Mortgage Loans and Loans for High Net Worth Clients



depletion of assets product

Don't empty your nest egg! High net worth clients can now receive up to $3.5M against their current asset portfolio to purchase or refinance properties. Typically a good fit for high net worth retired clients.

No more averaging of 2-year taxes required for self employed borrowers applying for a home mortgage! You can now simply use last year's tax returns for a self employed mortgage loan to finance real estate.​

High net worth clientele can also use their significant asset base in addition to their monthly income to qualify for high net worth loans on real estate.

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1-Year Tax return  product

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Self employed and been turned down for a mortgage because you have high deductions? We have self employed mortgage programs that can use just 12 months of bank statements, personal or business, to qualify you for a home loan!